Kia Ora and Warm Greetings from Waxhaw, North Carolina!

Today Snail and Whale dropped in to visit the New Town Superstars. The class were so excited to see their visitors. They have been waiting a long time for Snail and Whale to arrive. The class have been following Snail and Whale’s journey around the globe closely through the blog. Erik was the lucky person to open the special package and introduce Snail and Whale to the class.

Over the next week Snail and Whale will join us on last journey of being New Town Superstars. We have only one more week till school is out for the Summer. Our school year begins in August and ends around the second week of June.

Snail and Whale told us that it is a vacation weekend in New Zealand right now called “Queens Birthday Weekend” so we hope you enjoy your time with your families. Watch this space for more Snail and Whale adventures with the New Town Superstars!

Snail and Whale’s First day with the New Town Superstars!! on PhotoPeach

4 Responses to “Snail and Whale visit New Town Superstars!”
  1. Stephen says:

    Wow, that is so awesome! Thank you so much for been a host!

  2. Miss Lologa says:

    Thanks Stephen and Room 3! We will take good care of them:)

    From Miss Lologa and the New Town Superstars

  3. Roadrunners says:

    Stephen and Room 3

    We are glad they made it to their next destination. Although a short drive down the country road it was the shortest journey they probably made all year.
    One thing they will find interesting is how much the schools look like each other. Even many things on the playground will look similar. Both schools are 5 years old and opened the same day.

    Thank you for sharing the snail and whale with us this year. We loved the project. Friday will be our last day of the school year and then we’ll be out of school until late August. When we come back we’ll be 3rd graders! We don’t know if we will get to blog then or not. Some of us will be moving to other places. We’ve had a good time this year with everyone and getting to know others around the world.

  4. Stephen says:

    Thank you Roadrunners! You have been an awesome host and we appreciate all your hard work. Enjoy your break, you deserve it!

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